Veronica Connor

After the attack of Pearl Harbor on 7, Dec. 1931, I felt it was necessary to urgently
contact Roosevelt. (Pearl 1) Tragic as this event was, I believe this could be a major stepping stone in ending World War II. The U.S. is weary of entering the war. This is logical of course with the wounds from the last World War so fresh, but the world as we know it is in peril, and this war is of concern to the U.S. Roosevelt is more than willing to aid Britain in the war, but the U.S. citizens will not comply. This attack of U.S. territory by the Japanese gives Roosevelt an ideal reason to declare war. (Danzer 569) This is why I must meet with him, to form an alliance. We must discuss strategies for war.

Today I met with Roosevelt. I learned so many new things. I feel I must write them down so I can thoroughly understand them. The first thing that was discussed was the damage done by the attack. There were 107,068 casualties. (Phillips 1) The bombs had completely destroyed the Navy fleets in Pearl Harbor. (Pearl 1) This took a great toll on the U.S. indeed.

After we spoke of the damages, we had to come up with a strategy. The U.S. joined the Allies, since they have officially declared war. Now in war, the U.S. now has threats from both Germany and Japan. Roosevelt could not decide which nation the U.S. should go into combat with first. (Danzer 570) I suggested that the U.S. fight Hitler first. (Danzer 570) Germany and Italy have much stronger forces than Japan does, thus they pose the greatest threat. (Danzer 570) The most intelligent thing to do is to take out the biggest threat first. Once Hitler is taken care of, more resources could be used to battle Japan. Roosevelt shared my opinion and decided to join the battle against Hitler.

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