Lyrisa Meizanis

As a final part of World War II, Germany is expected to pay the consequences for what they had started. New cases have been created called the Nuremberg Trials “by an International Military Tribunal (IMT), created by Britain, France, the United States, and former Soviet union“ (Nuremberg). “Twenty four Nazi surviving leaders, party officials, government ministers, military leaders, and powerful industrialists” (Danzer) will be tried in these cases. Nazis were part of a party that came to power under Adolf Hitler. They tortured, captured, and murders anyone other than the typical German race. They ran something called the Holocaust. “The Holocaust was an unprecedented crime-a crime composed of millions of murders, wrongful imprisonments, and tortures, of rape, theft, and destruction. In the immediate aftermath of the Holocaust, the world was faced with a challenge-how to seek justice for an almost unimaginable scale of criminal behavior” (Nuremberg). Also because of this, Germany is being punished. “The first Nuremberg trial will begin on November 20, 1945” (Englander). Rudolf Hess is “Deputy to the Fuhrer and Nazi Party Leader” (Linder). Hess is scared that he could be sentenced to something that would ruin his life. He is being tried for crimes against the peace. “Other crimes that defendants were being tried for were war crimes and crimes against humanity” (Danzer). As the start of the trials begin, “defendants at the Nuremberg Trials state, [I was only following orders” (Danzer). And as the cases go on and different people are sentenced for different things, “in the end, twelve out of the twenty four defendants were sentenced to death, and most of the remaining were sent to prison” (Danzer). Rudolf Hess is sentenced to a life in prison at the end of the trials in August 1949.

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