Dear Diary,
April 13th 1945
April 12th 1945, was the worse day for the whole country of America. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had died, leaving the country in turmoil. I had heard from the news that he had died from a stroke while posing for a portrait in Georgia (Danzer 577). It was a horrible experience, President Roosevelt was young, he shouldn’t have had to die at 63, my husband often thought this (“Roosevelt’s” 1) and I did too, apparently the whole country thought this. Many people including me and my husband blamed his death and bad health on the war
(“Roosevelt’s” 1). I felt bad that President Roosevelt would not live to see victory of this war that caused him to die nor would he see the completion of many of his great projects (“Roosevelt’s” 1). His death would be a giant lost to millions and many people around me, like my neighbors went into grieving.

"Men will thank God on their knees a hundred years from now that Franklin D. Roosevelt was in the White House. It was his hand, more than that of any other single man, that built the great coalition of the United Nations. It was his leadership which inspired free men in every part of the world to fight with greater hope and courage. Gone is the fresh and spontaneous interest which this man took, as naturally as he breathed air, in the troubles and the hardships and the disappointments and the hopes of little men and humble people." This is a quote I remember from the New York Times about Roosevelt’s death, to me it explains how much he meant to this country and to its people (“Untimely” 1). Soon after our dear presid
ent’s death the Vice President, Harry S. Truman became our 33rd president (Danzer 577). I hoped that he would live up to Roosevelt and take over his projects and complete them, though I know that many people do not think that President Truman can overtake all of what Roosevelt did and that President Truman would not be able to live up to Roosevelt’s legacy.

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By: Jessica Louie