Justin Cvetkovski
US History
Block 3

July 1941- United States General Douglas MacArthur called in recently by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to lead our Military Forces yet once again, because of the booming of our nation’s islands of Hawaii by the Japanese in December. General MacArthur’s wisdom and leadership skills I feel will help us with these difficult times. From seeing the devastation in person that the Japanese have caused us I believe General MacArthur is the answer.
March 1942- After watching General MacArhturs work I believe he is doing a tremendous job. From President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s orders to go to set up base in Australia just before the Japanese had gained control of all the islands. Recent smart thinking by General MacArthur had stopped the Japanese attack in New Guinea and going from island to island regaining control of the territory.
1945- After watching closely to General Douglas MacArthurs decisions over the past several years I can conclude that his job was unprecedented. At the beginning of this year MacArthur finished the liberation of all that was lost to the Japanese. For his efforts he was promoted to the General of the United States Army, the highest possible rank in the United Stated military, which is very well deserved for his accomplishments from the past several years. This man being an extremely gifted leader that is depicted from him

being the youngest man to become chief staff of the Army at the age of fifty. After following his prestiges career I feel that even after making Japan surreneder its
opposition, I think MacArthur’s career is far from over, because of his determination and his will I think it would be impossible to put this man away unless he decides to go down under his own power. ( Haynes, John E.)( Gerald D)


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