Selective Training in 1940

By Garnet Montgomery
- Franklin Roosevelt

September 30, 1940

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I have just signed the Selective Training and Service Act and will be put it into effect in October. It is the first peace time draft, so far in American history, which means that this is the first war related law that has been signed, passed and put into effect while the United States of America has been at peace. We are preparing ourselves for this inevitable war we are entering (Selective Services). The German Nazi’s have changed the way we need to think about this situation. This is a National Defense system (Danzer, 551)This act requires men between the ages of 21 and 30 register for the army. They will be made liable for military service (Selective Training). When drafted, a man will serve for twelve months, or a year to participate in this war. It also allows only 900,000 men to be trained at once. It will be difficult to train these men and turn them into soldiers ready for this war we have been dragged into (Selective Training). I hope this will work, I’m counting on it.


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