3. The 1943 Battle of the Atlantic
Ryan Horvath

The year was 1939, In September the Germans have sunk the British liner Athenia. This was the fist sinking by the new German U-boats. Then Hitler San the first Cargo Ship, this did not make anyone happy and just because more people to get angry (The Atlantic). This certainly got me angry because my brother was on this ship. He has been traveling with the Bull of Scapa Flow. This was a boat that was bringing food to people all around the world. I still remember the day that my pa told me he was dead. I couldn’t say anything but “o”. The sinking of this ship meant that the world was in its second world war and a prevailing dictator was terrorizing the world. I am a twenty-seven year old who has been living in Norway. I have been hiding with my family for almost three months now. We go out at night to steal food from the bases. Hitler has come and successfully conquered Norway. A cold day last week I and my pa went to steal some food late at night. While we were in the Nazi camp we over heard them talking, they seemed drunk as could be and didn’t care regulate what they were saying. They were talking about how the operation to concur the Atlantic sea board was being very successful and how they just captured France. “Shnichelson did you hear that?” my father whispered with a powerful whisper. “Pa do you think they can do it, do you really think Hitler can take over the whole world?” I started to see Hitler’s face with a terrible fear.” Come on, lets get out of here I got the food.” Following my dads voice I still thought about Hitler and if he could really take over the world. Weeks passed and not much changed. It has been three months since we last went to the camp to steal food. My father had grown sick over the last two days and was in what I would say a dire state. I knew that I would steal medicine for him, but I also knew that I would have to go alone. I hugged my father and I told him “Don’t worry, ill be home soon and you be healthy real quick dad, real quick.” He grinned but I know he was scared, his last reaming son going into the face of danger to save him, but I would do anything for Pa especially because he would do anything for me. I threw on my heavy black coat that I would only wear on food stealing missions, I took one last look at my dad and the bolted out of the door. I followed the tracks that ran along the saw mills and after about twenty minutes or so I arrived. I was trying to be as stealthy as I could and I was pretty good at this. I and my dad have been doing this for about a year now and I knew where to hide when someone was approaching. As I approached the infirmary I saw the doctor. Instead of sitting and watching I went to pick up some food first. I got to the pantry and saw no one inside. I walked in and I saw some cheeto’s. These were my favorite and I haven’t had these in five or so years. I got to grab them when I hear “we’ve been waiting for you!” I suddenly feel light headed and fall to the hard metal floor. I feel like I am bleeding but I can’t reach up to see. My eyes are wide and I feel cold metal against my face. I can’t cry from the pain and I can’t move I could just lay there and breathe. I felt my eyes open but I couldn’t see anything except an extremely blinding red light. After a few seconds I felt my eyes close and I could only hear. “ Blitzcreak news from Hitler. He has sent us two hundred operational U-boats and he said to conserve oil because exports from the British areas are very low. He says things may become hard because America and the British and the Canadians all added warships and cargo vessels at an astounding rate that was still rising. He was also telling me that they have Radar now and they were on the verge of forming other defenses against our U- boats (
Operation Alacrity)” I started to pass out as he said take this little to the cell.
I woke up a bit later in a dark room. There was a vent and I could still hear talking. After I listened for a while I heard them say that the Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of World War Two. They were saying that both sides had heavy losses and were both suffering. The men said that between 75,000 and 85,000 Allied seamen were killed while 19,000 U-boat crew members are estimated to have died in the Battle of the Atlantic. “If only the U-boat stranglehold had not been broken, England could have fallen and the Allied counterattacks in North Africa and Europe could not have been mounted. We would have had this world by now blitzcreak.(The Defeat Of the German U-boats)” I smiled the allies are prevailing that Hitler piece of…. A loud intercom sounded and I hear “confirm the kill.” “Confirmed. Blitzcreak you know what to do.” The door swings open and I feel something sharp and meatal enter me many times. I gasp for air and hang my head I could only whisper out four words “I so sorry Pa.”
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