Hideki Tojo’s Journal
May 7-8 1942
Battle of the Coral Sea
Vice Admiral Takeo Takagi and Rear Admiral Tadaichi Hara are leading this battle although I strongly suggested otherwise. Takeo said he would be able to win and I was needed elsewhere so I allowed him to go fight the first battle where America attacked the Imperial might of Japan. Commanding the carrier (aircraft carrier), Shoho, Takagi went to battle. I received what happened in this battle from Takagi himself so I was surprised to learn that on the very first day of the battle, he lost the Shoho! The first aircraft carrier lost in this war. Fortunately he had sent out the remaining two carriers to do battle on the 8th. On this second day of fighting, the Imperial Navy lost Shokaku, but Zuikaku remained and stayed for recon. Although I lost two aircraft carriers, the United States lost Lexington and Yorktown although Yorktown was repaired after the battle. It may have been a tactical loss of Imperial Japan; it was a point win for me. My fleet sank more ships nd had more ships remaining after the battle...

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